Bridging the gap between conventional beverage cans and meeting the demands of a mobile generation, German-based ACTEGA DS and US company Dayton Systems Group (DSG) have developed the non-breakable, recyclable DSG Beverage Cap Can, with a reclosable feature that was previously available only on glass.

“Many consumers are on the move, and they find convenience using a reclosable, resealable can,” says Vicki Bachmann, marketing manager for DSG. “Cap Can offers the ability to reseal the container for later use, preserving cool temperature and carbonation while preventing spillage.”

The patented two-piece can and dome design is engineered to attach to standard can sizes using existing seaming technology; it can be made from new or recycled aluminum. The patented production system is comprised of three pieces of equipment: a dome production system, a cap production system and a seal liner system.

After the cap is manufactured, the DSG system permanently attaches plastic material to the product side of the cap, making it suitable for pasteurization, hot fill, cold fill, retort and aseptic filling. The dome is manufactured and seamed onto the can cylinder using existing double-seaming technology. Dried, blended pellets of thermoplastic SVELON 520 L are then melted and inserted into the cap. The thermoplastic is cold molded into a fixed gasket using the DSG sealing profile. The machinery is equipped with an extrusion nozzle, cooling system, PC interface operating system, defective cap reject device and cap output counter. During the process, the specialty liner is permanently adhered to the inside of the cap. PVC and BPA free, SVELON 520 L has elastic properties that make it suitable for cold filling, pasteurization up to 185°F and hot fill up to 203°F.

Unlike liquid PVC compounds that must be introduced into caps by an injection process and hardened at high temperatures, the granulated material is applied through extrusion. It needs shaping, but does not require hardening. The resulting energy savings translate into a reduction in CO2 balance and lower production costs, with the end result being a 100 percent recyclable can, according to ACTEGA DS.

The DSG Cap Can is currently available in North America, Latin America and Australia.

For more information: Vicki Bachmann, 937-885-5665,