Through its new sealing technology, Presto Products Company offers consumers more ways to keep food fresh. The Click ’N Lock press-to-close (PTC) double zipper gives audible signals—and tactile cues—that a package is closed.
Sargento Foods Click'N Lock zippers
Sargento Foods scored the first market application of Click’N Lock zippers—in a recent rollout of five- and eight-ounce stand-up pouches of shredded cheese. Source: Presto.

“The tactile zipper ensures food products stay fresh because the consumer can hear and feel that the pouch is sealed,” says Todd Meussling, senior sales manager for Presto. This added dimension to the zipper can be used to differentiate a brand situated in a crowded product category with seemingly similar closures. For instance, using sound and touch can communicate a brand’s promise to keep its product fresh throughout its intended shelf life. Moreover, resealability is a hallmark of a good zipper closure, but some packages meant to be opened and closed repeatedly can lose their efficacy after going through this process a few times.

“During our consumer research trials, one participant remarked that every time the pouch was opened felt like the first time,” says Brad Hansen, president of Presto Specialty Group.

 According to the company, Click’N Lock Soft Seal technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing packaging lines, providing reliable side seal crush without increased temperatures or dwell times, while ensuring equal or improved throughput.

Sargento Foods, Inc. was the first to use Click’N Lock zippers;  the five- and eight-ounce stand-up pouches  of shredded cheese made their debut in US stores last summer. However, Meussling adds the zippers can be used in a wide range of food applications.

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