As vacuum skin packaging (VSP) is becoming more commonplace on retail shelves, suppliers have been concentrating on how to make it more environmentally friendly. To address this demand, Plantic Technologies, Ltd. has introduced its sustainable VSP application with Plantic eco Plastic Skin Pack.

The solution is made with ultra-high-barrier, renewably sourced biobased material. The Plantic eco Plastic Skin Pack delivers an almost undetectable oxygen transmission rate and has an easy-peel sealant layer compatible with most available VSP top webs using a polyethylene sealant. The total package structure is made of up to 70 percent renewable content.

Plantic’s patented polymer technology is based on the use of high-amylose corn starch, a material derived from the annual harvesting of specialized, non-genetically modified (hybrid) corn. The eco Plastic uses less than half the energy of traditional barrier films and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70 percent.

Plantic eco Plastic Skin Pack is available in thermoform rollstock or premade trays for VSP applications and comes with high-gloss or matte surface finishes. Depending on the application, ultra-high-barrier Plantic eco Plastic Skin Pack can extend the shelf life of fresh foods from 15 percent to 40 percent and is suitable for a number of food products. This material is not designed for microwave and oven use.            

Plantic Technologies provides a broad range of products in the barrier packaging sector and is supplying major supermarket customers on three continents with products for fresh case-ready beef, pork, lamb and veal; smoked and processed meats; chicken; and fresh pasta applications.

For more information: Tom Black, Plantic Technologies, Ltd., 978-794-5541,,