As the discussion grows on the use of antibiotics in food producing animals, theWhite House said President Barack Obama will sign a memorandum directing Federal departments and agencies to create a preference for serving meat and poultry produced with responsible antibiotic use.

"The Presidential Food Service is also committing to serving meats and poultry that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics,” the White House said.

In addition, FDA announced Tuesday it has finalized changes to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulation that promotes judicious use of medially important antibiotics in food-producing animals. According to FDA, the strategy of the rule will bring the use of antibiotics in these animals under the supervision of veterinarians so that they are only administered when necessary for animal health.

On Monday the White House held a forum on antibiotic stewardship that brought more than 150 food companies, retailers and human and animal health stakeholders together to discuss upcoming changes and commit to responsible antibiotic use.

“The White House event is an important opportunity to bring together leaders from human and animal medicine to address one of the most complex challenges facing medical doctors and veterinarians,” said Barry Carpenter, president and CEO of the North American Meat Institute, one of the invited forum members. “We hope it will foster a stronger understanding of antibiotic resistance and help lead to meaningful steps to best ensure both human and animal health.”

NAMI said it supports ongoing and future research for therapeutic options and further understanding how antimicrobial resistance is developed and transmitted among humans, animals, and other living organisms.

 “Since 2012, the Meat Institute has supported the development of an antibiotic stewardship program for food animal production systems,” the institute said. “NAMI is committed to working with producer groups, allied stakeholders, pharmaceutical companies, and animal health professionals to achieve these objectives.”