Classico wants its consumers to save and reuse its pasta sauce Mason jars. The latest social media campaign launched by the company along with reCAP, which designs and manufactures caps and accessories for Mason jars, urges people to use “inspiration, passion and creativity” in reimagining ways to reuse Classico sauce jars.

“Classico sauces have always come in Atlas Mason jars, but it wasn’t until recently that we saw consumers repurposing our jars for uses ranging from storage containers to drinking glasses, kid-friendly crafts, wedding décor and more,” says Amber Lynch, associate brand manager for Classico. “Mason jars are really on trend right now.” According to the Wall Street Journal article, “The Multitasker: Ball Jar,” retail sales of Mason jars have recently increased 20 percent, and 100 million more Mason jars were sold in 2012 than 10 years prior.

Classico and reCAP are engaging consumers using the hashtag #ClassicoMakeItYourOwn and posting pictures, ideas and recipes on all social media fronts, including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Under Mason Jars Company, the reCAP brand designs and manufactures caps and accessories that allow people to reuse Mason jars. Launched in 2012, the company was founded by engineer and mom, Karen Rzepecki, who was looking for a solution to pour and store homemade dressing from a Mason jar without the mess.

 “Our lids are sustainable and spill proof and made in the USA,” says Rzepecki. “While the idea began with salad dressing, customers soon proved reCAP lids could be used for much, much more. From storing dry goods like popcorn kernels, rice and candy to transforming a Mason jar into an ‘on-the-go’ beverage container, customers have discovered endless uses.”