Because the yogurt retail shelf is becoming an increasingly crowded place, product differentiation is crucial. To develop a unique cup for its yogurt brand Vrai, the French dairy company Triballat-Noyal worked with IMA Dairy and Food USA to design it.

The 125g cup is made of environmentally efficient polystyrene (PS) foil and features a curved square bottom to assist in spooning out yogurt. IMA worked closely with Triballat-Noyal to create a modern design for the cup that would draw consumer attention, and it seems to have worked—Triballat-Noyal has reported a significant spike in market share after the new packaging was introduced.

Additionally, for the product relaunch, Triballat utilized an IMA Erca EF 320L form/fill/seal (F/F/S) machine to boost its production capabilities. The machine can process upwards of 20,000 cups per hour at 18 to 30 cycles per minute, and has a maximum forming depth of 100mm. It is available in clean, ultra-clean and aseptic formats.

Triballat is using the F/F/S machine for ultra-clean hygienic operations. The unit incorporates a Class 10 laminar flow system or tunnel suitable for sanitization, a Class 100 laminar flow system over the lidding foil zone and machine inlet, a UVC area for lidding foil and a bacteriological filter for the forming air.

IMA Erca EF Series form/fill/seal machines can fill a range of pasty-to-liquid products at different outputs and hygiene levels—including aseptic filling—efficiently and at high capacities. More than 2,000 of the machines have been delivered to dairy and food manufacturers around the world. IMA Dairy & Food USA, formerly OYSTAR USA, is owned by IMA Group, which develops and manufactures packaging lines and individual equipment.

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