Coca-Cola Zero is getting a new name, new look and, according to the company, an even more delicious taste. The new product will now be called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

The product, which was originally launched in 2005, is sold in nearly 160 countries. And the company says the new recipe will taste even more like a traditional Coke, just without the sugar.

“We’ve used our in-house innovation capabilities to make the great taste of Coke Zero even better and a lot like a Coke,” explains Stuart Kronauge, business unit president, USA Operations and senior vice president, Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “To achieve this, we optimized the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste in the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recipe. It’s delicious, refreshing and our best-tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet,” Kronauge continued.

Coca-Cola spent more than a year testing the new recipe with consumers in the U.S., which is the largest market for the soda.

And, the product already has been launched in more than 25 other markets around the world, including Great Britain, and Mexico. Volume sales of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (including legacy recipes) have grown by double digits globally year-to-date, with the strongest growth in Europe and Latin America, regions with the broadest availability of the new recipe.

“We’re confident our new and improved Coke Zero Sugar recipe delivers a great taste that Coke Zero fans in the U.S. will love. We also hope that people who love the unforgettable taste of Coca-Cola, but want less sugar, will try it and enjoy,” Kronauge says.

Along with the new recipe and taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will have a new packaging design that looks more like traditional Coca-Cola. The updated package will feature the iconic red Coca-Cola disc — a signature brand image synonymous with great taste — against the familiar black background known by loyal Coke Zero fans. In addition, the design prominently features “zero sugar” text to emphasize that the drink does not contain sugar.

The packaging changes support the company’s “One Brand” strategy to bring its Coca-Cola portfolio of beverages together as a single trademark brand. The changes also support the company’s continued efforts to increase promotion of no- and low-sugar Coca-Cola options to help people looking to reduce their consumption of added sugars.

As the company continues to create new beverages and evolve its recipes, Coca-ColaZero Sugar represents the company’s latest zero-sugar product innovation. It joins a roster of nearly 250 other delicious no- and low-calorie beverages offered in the U.S.

“For years we have offered people a choice – every sparkling brand we sell has a great-tasting, no-sugar version,” Kronauge says. “Introducing a new and improved recipe for one of our most popular no-calorie brands represents one of the biggest investments we’ve made since the 2005 Coke Zero launch to increase trial and awareness of a zero-sugar Coca-Cola option in the U.S.”

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be available on store shelves nationwide starting in August. The product launch will be supported through a robust integrated marketing campaign, including television, digital, radio, outdoor, social media and retail advertising that will promote the brand’s great Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar. Kicking off in September, the marketing campaign also will include an experiential sampling tour that will invite people in local communities across the country to try Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.