Crown Holdings, Inc. has launched new metal closures that work on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers.

The new package combination offers considerable weight, efficiency and breakage improvements for both brands and consumers, while maintaining the high quality aesthetic of glass on store shelves.

In the past, metal closures have seen limited use with PET containers due to both technical and aesthetic constraints. The new metal closure / PET container designs are able to maintain a very robust seal without compromising the shape or integrity of the container during the manufacturing process.

“We’re especially excited about how far PET has come as an option, as these clarified polymers look strikingly similar to a traditional glass finish,” says Daniel Abramowicz, executive vice president, technology and regulatory affairs. “We’ve modified Crown’s existing closure technology so that it is compatible with current equipment lines, simplifying adoption. With more brands seeing the advantages of packaging their products in PET containers, Crown’s new closure technology is both timely and innovative.”

The package is especially well-suited for products such as jams, tomato sauce, salsa and pickles.

“There are a number of benefits that result from choosing this metal closure/plastic container combination. For example, for brand owners, products maintain their high quality look on store shelves and support image consistency,” says Abramowicz. “Consumers will appreciate that the package is unbreakable and noticeably lighter and easier to transport to and from the supermarket.”

Suitable for use on a variety of PET container sizes, the new closures can be fully decorated and applied with the same equipment that is used to secure metal closures to glass containers.

The closures are compatible with Crown’s existing straight line vacuum equipment, eliminating the need for brands to revamp their production lines. And, since it’s a PET container, there’s no longer any worry about glass breaking, which is great from a packaging line and transportation standpoint.

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