Mondi Extrusion Coatings has developed an environmentally friendly paper bag solution to be run on form/fill/seal (F/F/S) machines.

The company says SKOG for Food reduces plastic usage by up to 70 percent, while still retaining plastic barrier properties by combining Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper with double-sided coating.

And, companies don’t need to make any further investments to switch production to use SKOG for Food. It is designed to run on all vertical and horizontal F/F/S machines, which traditionally have been able to run only plastic.

“The new liner complies perfectly with our sustainability strategy,” explains Jan-Willem Kleppers, managing director for Mondi extrusion coatings. “SKOG is a natural product especially designed to fulfill ecological needs while protecting our customers’ goods.”

The bag can also be coated with Mondi’s biodegradable barrier Sustainex.The coating is approved for direct food contact and is derived from renewable sources.

Additionally, the packaging complies with international standards for biodegradability and compostability; it is eligible for organic recovery, energy recovery and material recycling.

Mondi works with a European partner to convert its SKOG for Food coated paper into window bags.

For more information:
Verena Schnedl, marketing manager, Mondi extrusion coatings, +43 (0) 1 790 13 4968, or visit