Robotics have been steadily moving further up the packaging and processing line in food and beverage production. And the latest example of this trend is the automated pizza solution from Soft Robotics.

The gripping solutions maker is showcasing its system at the International Pizza Expo, March 19-22, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This robotic picking system tailored for the pizza industry can repetitively handle unstructured and delicate items, such as rising dough and toppings.

Soft Robotics says its gripping systems are designed to mimic the human hand and can handle items of varying sizes, shape and weight. The grippers are soft enough to grab fragile ingredients and the materials used in the end-of-arm tooling are FDA-compliant and food safe.

The company says this solution is ideal for precise and high speed pick-and-place applications to increase speed and customization in the pizza production line. Plus, the design is easy to clean and maintain.

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