The Food Processing Suppliers Association has announced the creation of new membership groups that are designed to offer members opportunities to network and collaborate with other professionals in their areas of expertise.

The new structure, called Networks, offers five different groups for industry professionals to join. In addition to the existing Women's Network (formerly Women's Council) and Young Professionals Group, the new structure will establish a Packaging Network, a Food Safety Network, and a Technology Network.

“Establishment of the new Network structure addresses an issue that our leadership has discussed for some time now, that of cross industry collaboration,” said David Seckman, President and CEO of FPSA. “The Networks will give members another platform for substantive work on prominent issues, regardless of the industry segment they belong to. Additionally, the Networks will include relevant subject matter experts, academics, and government officials to participate and in so doing, greatly enhance the knowledge base of each group.”

FPSA members can join any one of the five Networks. For more information, contact Dolores Alonso, FPSA Vice President of Membership & Business Development, at or 703-663-1226.