TemperPack is offering two new environmentally friendly solutions to keep food shipments cold on the way to people’s homes.

The company, founded in 2015, created thermal liners for HelloFresh meal kits that people can put in their recycling  with the boxes, and it developed packaging with less waste that keeps chocolates from melting in bulk grocery shipments from Boxed Wholesale.

TemperPack engineered its ClimaCell liners with guidance from market leaders, including HelloFresh, to address customers’ desire for convenience without excessive waste, says James McGoff, TemperPack’s co-founder and co-CEO. HelloFresh’s use of the liners could keep 15,000 tons of waste out of landfills.

The liners perform as well as expanded polystyrene foam on an inch-per-inch comparison, the company says.

HelloFresh also will replace Green Chef’s box liners. The liners are meal kits’ largest piece of packaging, making up 30 percent of the box volume.

“Consumers are evaluating the entire meal kit shipment, including the packaging, when deciding which service to go with,” McGoff says.

TemperPack makes the liners in Richmond, Va., and plans to expand manufacturing to its Las Vegas facility to better serve clients on each coast.

For Boxed Wholesale, which sells warehouse club-sized products through its website and app, its new packaging allows one- and two-day summer deliveries of chocolates and other desserts without the level of shipping waste that often accompanies products that must stay cool.

McGoff says Boxed wanted to be sure the packaging was thoroughly tested, beautiful and on-brand, with materials that were as sustainable as possible.

For more information, visit www.temperpack.com