A base of brown paper gives a natural character to trays and other food containers using Mondi’s new formable packaging material.

The packaging coated with a barrier could be used for various foods, such as meats, cheese and fish in shallow trays.

The patented thermoformable multilayer product branded perFORMing is suitable for existing filling lines. Mondi estimates that the product reduces plastic use by up to 70 percent, compared with other shallow trays.

Mondi has been granted a patent license by its partner, Swiss packaging manufacturer Packartis. Under the license, Mondi produces perFORMing materials itself or sublicenses production to converters that use Mondi’s new Advantage Formable paper grades, which allow symmetrical stretch. 

Mondi is the only company able to offer a brown formable grade in combination with this special barrier coating, says Christian Gubler, managing shareholder of Packartis AG.

“PerFORMing meets our customers’ growing demand for sustainable packaging solution offering a natural look and feel,” he says. “Especially within the food packaging industry and the retail sector, we are observing a clear trend in this direction.”  

Mondi’s formable coated paper packaging is ideal for shallow trays for meats and cheeses.

For more information, visit  www.mondigroup.com