Walmart shoppers can tap their phones on a package of Kraft American Singles to trigger different content depending on whether they’re in the store or at home.

The “intelligent packaging platform” from TPG Rewards marketing technology uses near-field communication, the wireless data transfer method that lets you pay with a tap of your phone. When people tap their phones on specially marked packages of the cheese in the store, they get recipes.

If they tap their phones on packages outside the store, they open a game to try to win a $50 Walmart gift card. They enter their email address to play the game, “scratching” off slices of cheese to look for the Golden Single. About 2,400 Walmart stores will each give away one $50 prize.

Consumer packaged goods companies are constantly looking for smarter ways to engage, influence and convert shoppers throughout the consumer journey, both in store and at home, TPG says.

The proprietary technology, which has been used by Snapple and P.F. Chang’s Sauces, helps brands reach consumers who turn to their phones more and more for reviews, research and comparison shopping. Product packaging is the best way for brands to secure a direct connection with consumers, and the technology helps companies understand behavior before and after the person buys the cheese, TPG says.