Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs wants you to say goodbye to single-use egg cartons and bring a sturdy plastic one to the store trip after trip to reload with eggs.

The effort is a step to move beyond recyclability to reusability, the company says.

In a test at Hanover Co-op Food Stores in New Hampshire and Vermont, Pete and Gerry’s sells shoppers the container for $2.99, made of recycled, durable, BPA-free plastic. You fill it up with loose eggs presented in carton flats, wash it after you eat the eggs and reuse it at the store.

The company wants to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging and “inspire consumers to adopt new behaviors to lessen their carbon footprint,” the company’s announcement says.

The average American eats about 279 eggs a year, or 23 cartons, Pete and Gerry’s says. The loose eggs are discounted from a standard dozen, allowing customers to recoup the cost of the carton over time.

With the pilot, the brand has seen a strong response and says same-store sales are growing weekly. 

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