A new technology for sealed packages of fresh cut produce releases an anti-pathogenic agent inside the container to protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

InvisiShield from Aptar Food + Beverage, is undetectable to the consumer. A specially formulated amount of the agent dissipates within one to two days of activation, and it does not harm foods’ color, aroma, flavor or texture.

In third-party validated studies, InvisiShield was 99.9% effective against the most common foodborne pathogens, including E. coli, salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, human norovirus, hepatitis A, shigella and others.

Angela Morgan, director of business development and food safety solutions for Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection, says the company is in the early stages of exploring the application on the new coronavirus, though food transmission risk is considered very low.

The GRAS technology is a last intervention step before food reaches consumers, she says. “Although preventive measures are in place today, outbreaks in food are still occurring. At any point from harvest through processing, cross-contamination can occur and the food will contain pathogens upon packaging.”

InvisiShield uses 3-Phase Activ-Polymer technology. A wide range of products use that technology to extend shelf life, maintain freshness and improve efficacy. 

A pilot program is underway with Royal Fresh Cuts, and Aptar is looking for additional partners. The launch is focused on tomatoes, onions, peppers, pico de gallo and sliced apples. Aptar is developing the technology to release different anti-pathogenic agents for leafy greens and berries.

For more information, visit  www.aptar.com