A new baby food cap meets these priorities for people in Asia who increasingly buy dairy and want wellness solutions: safety, convenience and a premium look.

The 127 Safe-Te flip-top, hinged closure from United Caps ensures product purity with “impenetrable” security features, including a tamper-evident band and drop-down lock “that makes it incredibly obvious if the product has been opened.”

A foil-sealed chamber protects the included scoop, which stays handy on an integrated hook. A large area is open for in-mold labeling or engraving.

The cap, awarded the Most Welcomed Packaging Solution at Dairy Asia Pacific Summit, requires only minor changes to existing capping and filling lines.

For jars, a new metal lid makes opening easier with the push of a button.

Pressing the button vents the jar by opening a tiny slit to break the seal on the EEASY Lid from Consumer Convenience Technologies. Then you push the button from the inside to reclose the lid. Studies show the lids provide a stable hermetic seal for hot-filled glass jars.  

For more information, visit  www.unitedcaps.com or www.cctclosures.com.