Johnny Appleseed Organic has come out with ClimateGard™, a no-kill fertilizer for gardens. ClimateGard was designed for gardeners, small farmers and home gardeners who care about the earth, where their food comes from and want to aid in climate change reversal. Unlike most organic fertilizers, ClimateGard's no-kill formula sources essential micronutrients, humic acid, silica, living bacteria and fungi from ethical, sustainable sources. The fertilizer’s blend of solar-processed poultry manure, fossilized seabird guano, bat guano and sunflower hull ash provides essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. 

ClimateGard also comes in an organic cotton bag with a compostable inner liner. The company uses pallets made of recycled plastics, which cuts down contribution to the waste stream. Using this product along with practicing Climate Farming, Johnny Appleseed Organic aims to revolutionize the growing of chemical-free food while promoting environmental well-being. The product is available on the company’s website in both 7.5 lb. and 15 lb. bags.