Multivac now offers full wrap labeling for products such as pizza, tortillas, pita bread and other flat products. The labels can be used with Multivac’s L 310 full wrap conveyor belt labeler. The flexible model, with its driven, extra-narrow transport conveyors, makes the C labeling and D labeling of packs possible at speeds up to 120 packs per minute. The label width is up to a maximum of 500 mm. The labeler can also be equipped with an integrated printer, as well as a zero downtime function and label/print monitoring for maximum output, efficiency and process reliability at even the highest throughput. 

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of label materials and adhesives, so that the packs can be labeled perfectly on the machine. In addition to PP and PET labels, the range includes sustainable materials made of paper or from renewable sources. Due to the light label material, it also contributes to improving the CO2 balance, since the transport weight of the packs is reduced through the entire supply chain to the consumer.