MULTIVAC is redefining fresh egg packaging in boxes or plastic trays with its L 310 full-wrap labeler. The L310 creates an attractive package and closes it with a secure seal.

With its L 310 conveyor belt labeler, MULTIVAC now offers an efficient solution for labeling egg packs made of cardboard or plastic. The L 310 makes automated C and D labeling (as well as traditional top labeling) of packs possible at an output of up to 120 packs per minute. The maximum label width is up to 500 mm. 

When the L 310 is used for complete wrap-around labeling, the full wrap label automatically seals the egg box. For retailers and consumers this means, that the products cannot be exchanged or contaminated with viruses and bacteria, or that the packs cannot be used to hide stolen products. This solution is the ideal choice for aseptic or pasteurized eggs. 

As well, label shape, material type and printing can be individually tailored to the pack.