The series of powered mild-steel conveyors by Multi-Conveyor includes a unique gravity conveyor to transport tall plastic products. Products are robotically placed on a 5 ft. high dual-lane conveyor where they index through a product forming process then incline to a height of nearly 8 ft. The product proceeds at this elevation through two 90-degree turns with over 16 ft. of straight conveyance between the curves to an end stop. Enhanced support and quality construction properly secure elevated motor mounts while ensuring employee safety below. Elevated transport conveyors are commonly used to free up critical production floor space below. Up and over conveyors are often used to give operators and forklift traffic some headroom. For this, a pneumatic cross-pusher was implemented to gently transfer product onto a unique concept LBP-gravity slide, ideal for non-standard product contact surfaces, to easily decline for manual removal.