The TURBOLAB Core is a small plug-and-play, high-vacuum pumping system for research and laboratory and industrial applications. Within the TURBOLAB series, the compact tabletop unit fills the gap for entry-level vacuum needs that require a clean, dry, stable high and ultra-high vacuum. The TURBOLAB series comes in five variants featuring TURBOVAC 90 i and 250 i backed by DIVAC 1.4, and covers the complete application spectrum for R&D and analytical applications. The ergonomic, cost-effective system is made up of the oil- and maintenance-free TURBOVAC i turbomolecular pump, the DIVAC 1.4 dry diaphragm backing pump and a simple controller. The equipment of the low-noise high-vacuum system is geared to the specific ambient conditions of laboratories and research facilities—one reason the compact pumping station frame stands on rubber feet.