Matrix will be demonstrating their Elete Premier and Pacraft TT-8D-N in booth BC10207 at IPPE in Atlanta, January 25-27, 2022.The machines re suitable for packaging hard-boiled eggs, IQF foods and other poultry/protein products.

Elete Premier is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine for larger bags. Capable of filling rates up to 120 bags/min., it features a stainless steel, high-washdown design for poultry/protein customers requiring more hygienic attributes in their filling machine. All major components, including fasteners, bearings, shafts and motors are suitable for harsher, washdown environments.

The Pacraft TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler/sealer is designed for a range of applications in the poultry/protein packaging industry. Its pouch formats and product types include flat, stand-up, retort and press-to-close pouch styles. It can seal up to 55 pouches/min.; pouch sizes range from 4.72" to 10.23" (120 to 260 mm), length from 5.11" to 15.74" (130 to 400 mm).