SIMOTICS S-1FS2 servomotors have stainless steel housings and come in three sizes to 2kW (2.68 hp) power range and up to 14 Nm (10.32 ft-lbs.) torque. Designed for the clean condition requirements of the food, beverage, and other process industries, the motors have EPDM seals and bearing grease with NSF H1 approval to be highly resistant to corrosion and acidic chemicals found in the process industries. The high degree of protection is in accordance with IP66/67 standards on the entire motor, with IP69K (30-bar) protection provided on the motor housing. Its standard absolute encoder is 22-bit multi-turn. Options include a holding brake, stainless steel shaft with or without feather key, cable tail for direct drive connection and the company’s Motion Connect coupling, a fully assembled power and signal cable design for use on production machinery.