Amcor Flexibles North America has debuted AmPrima PE Plus. The recycle ready solutions provide brand owners with innovative packaging that supports recyclability in categories that have been historically challenging. AmPrima PE Plus also delivers highly durable hermetic edge and fitment seals that perform well under abusive manufacturing, distribution and usage conditions.

Amcor has engineered the high-barrier flexible film, which provides superior heat resistance and is a more-sustainable alternative to standard metallized or foil-based structures.

Amcor’s AmPrima PE Plus heat resistant recycle-ready solutions for pouches delivers significant value in multiple ways. It is a pre-qualified film by How2Recycle in the U.S for applications that meet the clean and dry requirement; offers sealing and spout insertion without distortion due to heat-resistant outer web; the ability to match current run cycles per minute of that with a non-recyclable laminate; product quality and flavor preservation with high-barrier properties comparable to AlOx or metallized films; excellent durability for puncture and scuff resistance; and a 22% reduction in carbon footprint for these heat resistant pouches compared to a 3-ply foil.