Blue Circle is rolling out its latest product—salmon sausage—in four flavors: Original, Lemon Dill, Italian, and Apple Thyme. Blue Circle’s salmon sausage has an MSRP of $8.99 for a pack of four sausages.

Salmon sausage is made with 96% sustainable salmon and 4% simple ingredients like garlic, onion, and paprika. Besides sourcing its premium Norwegian salmon from a family-owned farm, every sausage is crafted using all available salmon cuts. The brand doesn’t let any imperfect pieces go to waste. Each fully cooked sausage contains 15 to 16 grams of protein per serving and is free from nitrates, antibiotics, preservatives, and sugar. 

“At Blue Circle, transparency and sustainability guide everything we do,” said Nina Damato, Managing Partner at Blue Circle. “We are proud to lead the seafood industry in reducing waste. On our ingredient list, you’ll only see sustainably raised salmon and spices you’d find in your kitchen cabinet. Summer grilling is filled with red meat and processed items, but our Salmon Sausage is a delicious alternative for the growing number of consumers who follow a flexitarian diet or just want a better-for-you alternative."