Honey Mama’s, the Portland-based maker of nutrient-rich refrigerated truffle bars, has launched its Carrot Cake Blonde Truffle Bar, the third release in Honey Mama’s Cake Series.

Carrot Cake joins the recently introduced Chocolate Cake Cocoa Truffle Bar and Birthday Cake Blonde Truffle Bar, both previously debuted in a phased rollout earlier this year. The Cake Series is a nod to nostalgic dessert trends, using clean ingredients and an emphasis on organic superfoods.

Honey Mama’s version of carrot cake begins with a custom blend of aromatic spices, crunchy walnuts, and plump, chewy raisins. This is the second cocoa-less confection to launch from the original cocoa truffle bar maker.

Achieving the classic cream cheese frosting taste without the use of dairy or refined sugar was a goal for the company when developing the carrot cake bar. Additionally, as the brand's name suggests, organic raw honey is the sweetener rather than cane sugar or sugar substitutes found in other desserts.