Designed for food processors seeking a safer, more energy-efficient means to convey product with less spillage, breakage or downtime due to necessary cleaning and maintenance, the company offers 8" diameter tubular drag conveyors that provide these advantages with essentially double the volumes of 6" units. The units gently move product through a sealed tube using a coated, flexible stainless-steel drag cable pulled through on a loop. Solid circular discs (flights) are attached to the cable, which push the product through the tube without using air. These conveyors are suitable for transporting delicate, precise blends for a range of food types in versatile layouts and configurations. They can move up to 2,000 ft³ and 80,000 lbs. per hour depending on the bulk density of materials. The closed system seals off product from any potential contamination from the outside environment. 

Cablevey Conveyors