TIPA and G. MONDINI SPA have come out with a home compostable wet food container—a solution for hard-to-recycle packaging. The collaboration offers potential to drastically reduce plastic waste.

These compostable films and paper solutions carry food waste to compost in line with Italy’s EU-leading regulatory regime, which sees compostable plastics collected with organic waste. This solution is addressing the urgent need to divert non-recyclable waste that may contaminate the organic recycling stream, such as food-soiled containers and plastic packaging, out of landfills. 

When lined with TIPA films, the new packaging solution can be placed together into organic waste, keeping plastic out of landfills and the environment. Consumers in markets where compostable packaging is not accepted in the organic waste stream could still have the advantage of the compostable film that can be separated from the board, and then be home composted.