Shemesh Automation has introduced the Falcon, a high-speed net weight filler. Incorporating the Shemesh Deenex denester as well as a unique parallel servo-driven indexing conveyor for maximizing throughput potential, the Falcon offers benefits designed to increase efficiency levels. It has been developed primarily to target the chemical sector, however, the design also makes it suitable for filling food, such as tubs of tahini and hummus.

Shemesh’s Falcon PLC and HMI controls both the filler and the denester which essentially creates a single combined unit. The Falcon is also designed to be easily and rapidly adjustable. All parts are tool-less for quicker changeover, and manufactured from high grade, stainless steel. Changeover times are less than 15 minutes.

Optional features include an agitator and a double jacket heated liquid tank and heated nozzles at set temperatures of up to 95˚ which allows materials that must stay at a certain temperature to remain liquified through the packing process. Full CIP automatically controlled from the HMI is another option for all Shemesh fillers, the Falcon included.

The Falcon net weight filler can be customized to suit many types of filling methods. For example, it can be designed to include more or less filling stations, weighing or load cells for each platform. Once it hits the target weight it stops automatically with the accuracy of plus or minus 0.2% (by weight)

Shemesh has applied decades of engineering expertise to combine a unique sequence of technologies that can load, sort, fill and package a variety of cleaning agents, creams and pastes. Using gravity or other positive displacement methods of filling ensures almost pin-point net weight accuracy. There are many materials that are sensitive to specific gravity changes due to temperature and this new filling equipment will accurately control the net weight to help manufacturers comply with legislation.

Shemesh’s VP Global Sales & Business Development, Yonatan Levy, says the Falcon is built for long-term durability, avoiding the common problem of degradation of machine parts by harsh materials. “This machine was built to handle the toughest materials out there. What sets it apart from its competitors is its parallel infeed system, which is used to maximize the throughput from the denester. The Falcon filler handles problematic materials seamlessly and accurately. The tank and nozzles design guarantees that the liquid path is free from any kind of mechanical parts such as pistons and seals which can suffer from wear and tear because of the abrasiveness of certain materials.”