The eTouch-S applicator is the latest addition to Markem-Imaje’s 2200 series. Markem-Imaje says the eTouch-S has been developed from the ground-up in response to customer demand for reduced environmental impact. The eTouch-S is designed to remove the need for plant air without impacting supply chain traceability or increasing the risk of retailer fines for returned cases. 

Capable of production speeds of over 150 packs per minute, the eTouch-S is compliant to EN415-10 safety standards and offers unhindered operation without the need for additional safety measures, the company says. 

The eTouch-S has built-in artificial intelligence to ensure that labels are applied to an exacting standard on every pack, at the highest production speeds. The applicator’s SoftTouch technology reportedly offers full movement control and application monitoring, alongside pack sensing which allows application without unnecessary force, and the ability to automatically detect variation in pack position. An optional Advanced Trigger Sensor (ATS) provides the ability to label on packs with infinitely variable distances and speeds with constant label placement and without the requirement for operational intervention or complex line integration. 

Markem-Imaje has developed a new hybrid driver which provides the eTouch-S with a combination of high-speed motion accuracy and inbuilt hardware safety to remove the need for additional safety measures even at high speed.  

Designed with reliability in mind, the eTouch-S reduces maintenance requirements due to its minimal amount of moving parts. The design allows for lower print speeds at higher throughput regardless of the data complexity or content, reducing machine burden, decreasing wear and total cost of ownership.