Markem-Imaje has recently launched connected help-desk printer services that are designed to improve daily coding operations across printer fleets. Its services are called MiVista and has been tested and proven using an IoT platform developed with information gathered across over 17,000 software installations and over 4,000 printers used in manufacturing, according to the company.

The new services were developed for operational efficiency, continuous improvement and quick error resolution. The company states that with MiVista’s real-time visibility, printer alerts and automated risk monitoring there will be an increase in self-sufficiency.

The software also includes predictive analytics, automated improvement alerts and problem prevention advice from the MI help-desk. Together, these functions reportedly work with advanced diagnostics to help Markem-Imaje’s technicians work with manufactures effectively.

MiVista is compatible with Miva (the e-commerce shopping software) and includes remote video support. Its services are currently available for 94XX and 9750 continuous inkjet series. Currently, the software is being made available to Markem-Imaje customers in phases based on location.