Markem-Imaje (MI) has launched the 9750+ continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer that prints standard dark codes or color contrasted codes by using dyes or pigmented inks with legibility and permanence. 

The polyvalent ink circuit enables manufacturers to use one printer across factories, regardless of ink and packaging, according to the company, and also streamlines ink inventory.   

 Guillaume Montagnat, MI’s product marketing manager, says the 9750+ allows manufacturers to use one model to code in dye or pigmented ink. “By using the consumable-saving mode, the 9750+ and the 9750 generate up to 35% fewer VOCs,” he says.  

Pigment inks are used when a long-lasting and crisp code is required and/or where achieving the desired contrast and legibility with a dye is difficult due to packaging color. Consumer goods manufacturers and other companies use both coding methods. For example, shampoo maybe in a dark PET bottle requiring a contrasted pigmented print, while a black dye ink might be better for coding cartons containing solid shampoo bars.  

Traditionally, producing both code types required two types of machines and different spare parts. The 9750+ MI provides both with one printer model. In addition, MEK-free inks cut consumables and volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions. Swapping out individual parts, rather than the entire ink circuit blocks, results in less equipment going to landfills. 

The 9750+ produces text messages up to five lines, logos and high resolution 1D and 2D codes on packaging. Parts are replaceable at the same time, while Jet Speed Control automatically adjusts ink and printer variables, minimizing scrap and rework, according to the company. 

 The 9750+’s Packaging Intelligence Suite powered by CoLOS software allows for optimized message design and data management across the factory from a remote location. 

With an M12 input/output (I/O) connector, and compatibility with various industrial communications protocols, the 9750+ integrates onto a line, talks to other equipment, stops lines when necessary and doesn’t require a wire installation.