Kiva has recently announced the official launch of its Kiva Cares Project. Reportedly, the project is a full-service donation program that will provide all products out of specification (OOS) and within 30 days of best-by date (BBD)/certificate of accuracy (COA) date to California medical patients in need of cannabis products.

The company states that the Kiva Cares Project aims to establish a new industry standard to prevent cannabis waste, offer quality cannabis to those who need them most and compel other cannabis brands across the country to follow in its footsteps. Reportedly, Erika Osueke, brand quality and compliance manager, started the Kiva Cares Project after learning how much cannabis product is wasted each year due to packaging defects, under or over potency or is soon to expire—despite the products being viable for use.

The company states that under its guidance and framework the donation project was made possible by a growing network of organizations that include; Weed for Warriors, Sweetleaf Collective, Americans for Safe Access, Los Angeles NORML and ReCompass who partners with select dispensaries to distribute Kiva’s products to those who need it. Anresco Laboratories and SC Labs are also participating laboratories donating their testing services to the cause.