FSIS has released generic HACCP models that illustrate the raw intact processing category with a wild-caught catfish product and another with farm-raised catfish product. The models’ critical control points (CCPs) do not necessarily apply to all wild-caught catfish or farm-raised catfish products operations or products. Products or operations may require fewer or more CCPs depending on the operation. The flow diagrams demonstrate a general production process and should be modified to reflect the processes used at the establishment. The food safety critical limits selected must come from scientific documents or other reliable sources. The models include references for guidance on the selection of critical limits.

Generic models serve as useful examples of how to meet the regulatory requirements. Each model represents a food processing category. Each processing category may contain numerous products. Therefore, each single model represents a category of products and, as such, the models do not demonstrate unique products or novel processes. The generic models are not intended to be used as is. FSIS recommends that establishments tailor the model(s) to fit the establishment’s operations.