Nanotec released a compact drive that combines a motor, controller and encoder into a single product. The PD6-EB integrated motor has an 80-mm. flange and a rated power of 942 W. The stepper motor PD6-E has a maximum holding torque of 10 Nm. and comes with an 86-mm. flange (NEMA34).

The PD6 motors can be controlled via fieldbus, clock and direction of digital/analog inputs. This enables the motors to be incorporated into existing control concepts. Stand-alone applications are also possible because of the integrated sequence control. Multi-turn encoders are available as an option as well.

Nanotec claims the new motors are easy to parameterize and program with its free Plug & Drive Studio software and five fieldbus options. It states the PD6 series would fit automation, robotics or machine building applications.