Gericke, USA, provides compact pressure vessels that permit high-capacity conveying in facilities constrained by low ceilings, tight footprints, existing equipment and other restrictions on space. Set side by side, the twin vessels are loaded with powders, pellets, granules and other bulk materials from a single point via a diverter valve to provide the same total conveying capacity as a single, larger pressure vessel while fitting into limited spaces. The compact approach is designed for operations retrofitting, converting or upgrading a conveying system for an existing process.

Utilized in transferring food, petfood, chemicals, pharmaceutica, and other materials and ingredients, the twin vessel design eliminates rotating parts and operates with low conveying gas amounts, which minimizes wear, extends filter life and reduces maintenance needs. The twin pressure vessels are compatible with Gericke's STP 61 dense phase pneumatic conveying system controller and offered in an optional hygienic version for transferring milk powder, active pharmaceutical ingredients and other materials that require extra protection from contamination.