Buffalo, N.Y.-based New York Spice has announced it is distributing Kasuku branded spices, herbs, blends and superfoods. The company is committed to working with those who follow environmentally safe and sustainable practices.

With investments in technology and a team of culinary experts, New York Spice's capabilities reportedly include high-volume milling, proprietary blending, custom packaging and product development services. "Our revolutionary milling technology PurAGrind can preserve the most delicate taste and aromatic characteristics of the foods we work with. We also developed a blending process called SurABlend, which allows us to work with our customers to create consistent flavors and scientific formulas at scale," says Rajay Shah, president.

"Every day, vast numbers of food products are imported from all around the world. Many companies don't always have the means and knowhow to navigate the complexities of importing spices, herbs and superfoods. Through relationships in over 40 countries, we bring global foods and flavors with unmatched quality and excitement to our customers." says Sujay Shah, CEO.