Mondi has collaborated with ATS-Tanner to create a new paper band that can hold individually labelled products or bundles—reducing unnecessary plastic.

ATS-Tanner uses Mondi’s kraft paper Advantage MF SpringPack and converts it into a band by adding a functional barrier on both sides of the paper. Instead of adhesive, the paper is then sealed using ultrasound. This ensures that the products are secured with minimum packaging, reducing waste and delivering a cost-efficient solution, states the companies. ATS-Tanner markets the coated bands under the name TruePaper.

Mondi states that the strength of its kraft paper means it can hold weights up to 20 kg., making the band perfect for fruit and vegetable bundles, as well as multipacks of bottles and other consumer goods. The paper ensures brand, product, return and responsible waste management messaging can be communicated to the end-user. Mondi’s kraft paper, used for TruePaper, is responsibly sourced and certified materials. It is recyclable in existing paper recycling streams across Europe, even fulfilling Germany’s ratio of 95:5.

Mondi’s international key account manager of specialty kraft paper, Carsten Breiter explains that the partnership with ATS-Tanner’s machinery and skills and Mondi’s kraft paper, a system was created that offers product protection while reducing plastic usage. Serge Tanner, owner and CEO of ATS-Tanner states that TruePaper is a resource-efficient substitute to plastic packaging. According to Tanner, TruePaper is able to wrap products measuring up to 1300 by 500 mm., depending on the banding machine used. He goes on to also state the company’s ultrasonic banding machine consumes 98% less energy than a like-sized shrink-wrapping machine.