Building on its partnership with Sappi, Xeikon has developed food-safe, paper-based candy packs that are fully recyclable.

With high image quality, bright colors and silky surface, packets of Maoam Chew Fruit Mix showcase Xeikon’s TITON dry toner technology printed on heat-sealable Sappi Seal Silk 67 g/m2 functional paper. This flexible packaging solution is food-safe without the need for any additional barriers in the structure, such as a varnish or other layers.

“Xeikon continues to meet brand owners’ demands for environmentally friendly and food-safe packaging with value-adding solutions created through close collaborations with other industry leaders,” says Frank Jacobs, Xeikon’s market intel and senior product manager. “Our latest sustainable flexible packaging solution is enabled by Sappi’s long-standing expertise in recyclable paper materials and the unique capabilities of Xeikon TITON dry toner.”

Sappi Seal Silk is a functional single-coated paper with superior heat sealability and moisture barrier. Fully recyclable, it has been designed for both primary and secondary flexible packaging applications in the food and non-food sectors. Offering excellent printing results and openability, the paper is suitable for direct food contact, which complements the properties of Xeikon’s food-safe, odorless and migration-proof TITON toners.

“The ongoing collaboration with Xeikon offers clear benefits for printers, as we can provide them with a well-tested route to producing recyclable flexible packaging with Sappi Seal Silk as the basis,” says Sibylle Hajostek, market manager packaging solutions, Sappi. “Together we’re delivering sustainable innovation that the market needs in order to respond to end users’ demands for more eco-conscious packaging and to comply with new legislation for a circular economy.”