Two fiber packaging companies are introducing a collaborated all-fiber bottle solution with an interior coating that offers a biodegradable and renewable solution for one of the most widely-used packaging designs in the industry.

CelluComp, manufacturer of micro-fibrillated cellulose product, Curran, and molded-fiber production firm, RyPax are combining plant-based packaging production with a highly renewable feedstock ingredient to crack the code on the all-fiber bottle.

The two businesses developed a novel pulp fiber made with a mix of Curran, bamboo and bagasse. The material is strong, has minimal porosity and allows the application of a thin, impermeable coating to the bottle’s interior, allowing manufacturers to potentially eliminate the need for a plastic liner.

For over three years the companies have worked on this commercial all-fiber bottle and recently gained validation from the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), which has been an important partner in helping create a viable proof of concepts.

The partnership is poised to scale production for industry applications from beverage, beauty, health, medicine, food and other retail brands to help manufacturers deliver a more sustainable product to reduce waste and meet consumer, government and personal sustainability goals. In the future, RyPax and CelluComp will continue collaborating with DTI to explore additional fiber packaging solutions, including fiber screw threads, caps, thinner coatings and a more intricate means of branding on bottles for their customers.

Demos will be available with RyPax and CelluComp leadership at PACK EXPO North Hall booth 94141 Sept. 11-13.