ANKO Food Machine Company's new SR-27 Automatic Spring Roll Production Line is designed for large food factories, central kitchens and large-scale manufacturers to help resolve production issues related to the global labor shortage and rising wages. ANKO's SR-27 has the capacity of producing 2,700 spring rolls per hour, and the filling system can process and extrude a wide range of ingredients, according to the company. After loading the hoppers with raw materials, the automated production begins with a simple click. All the parts that have direct contact with food ingredients are designed to be cleaned thoroughly and easily with water.

ANKO's SR-27 Spring Roll Production Line is designed with a pressure-free filling hopper that simulates a hand proportioning mechanism, thus it is capable of producing spring rolls with any mix of vegetable filling without any additives or pre-cooking the ingredients. ANKO says its upgraded filling system does not over compress the food ingredients and they can retain their original textures. The machine can also process a wide range of filling ingredients, such as fibrous vegetables with low lubricity and cooked meats that have low viscosity. 

The wrapping mechanism adopts handmade methods, and different parameter settings can be entered for processing fillings that consist of either all vegetables, cooked meat, or a mixture of vegetable and meat. Depending on the client's product requirements, this production line is capable of producing frozen spring rolls, deep-fried spring rolls and fresh spring rolls. ANKO says it has built the industry's first "Food Lab" that collects an extensive selection of food recipes from around the world, to assist its customers with customized spring roll product development to gain advantages in the marketplace.

ANKO's SR-27 Spring Roll Production Line has a user-friendly touch screen control panel and has a built-in IoT system that enables remote production monitoring and supervision. The extra-large 50-L filling hopper reduces the frequency for refilling. All machine parts that have direct contact with food ingredients can be washed with water directly and thoroughly.