Almond Cow, the reportedly zero-waste appliance that produces plant-based milk, announced its new line of single-serve ingredients called Milk Medleys that are used in its plant-based milk appliance. The Milk Medleys ingredient packets are designed for users to use Almond Cow’s appliance without measuring and come in two flavors, Creamy CocoCash and Original Almonds ‘n’ Dates. The company states more flavors should be expected in the future.

To use the product, add water and a Milk Medley packet to the Almond Cow to create up to 6 cups of milk. The single-serve packaging is biodegradable and can be buried in a garden or compost pile, the company states. Along with being plastic-free, Almond Cow’s Milk Medleys are certified Glyphosate Residue Free, non-GMO Project Verified, with some blends being USDA Organic, and Pollinator Partnership Approved.

The Almond Cow appliance is able to use any nut, seed or grain to make plant-based milk with its centrifugal filtration that doesn’t need to use heat for milk production. The machine has a stainless-steel filter basket where the ingredients are put before the base fills with what and the device begins its milk-making process, which includes automatic separation of the milk from the pulp. Almond Cow makes 5 to 6 cups of fresh milk per batch in less than a minute, the company states.

Milk Medleys come in a six-pack for USD $20.95 and are available on the Almond Cow website.