A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. has introduced an automated packaging solution for processors that manually unpack and repack bottles in reusable (reshipper) cases. The compact machine provides uncasing and case packing with the servo-operated robotic-style transfer head. The Model 360 eliminates manual labor, provides gentle handling and provides a consistent bottle feed to the production line, according to the company.

Cases filled with empty bottles are fed on a conveyor to the Model 360. In each cycle, the unpacking head grips and lifts the empty bottles and places them on the conveyor to be transferred to filling, while the packing head picks up and packs finished bottles feeding from the production line into the emptied case. The servo-operated transfer head carries containers and keeps them under control during operation. Bottles are released only when they reach the bottom of the case during packing or the conveyor for unpacking.

The Model 360 uncases and packs glass or plastic bottles in a variety of sizes at speeds to 15 cases per minute. Its footprint reduces the floor space and machinery investment when compared to the size and cost of separate uncasers and case packers, according to the company.

A-B-C manufactures packaging machinery, including case erectors, sealers, packers, decasers, bulk depalletizers and palletizers.