MG Tech Group has introduced a new high, heavy-duty cobot palletizer equipped with a HC30 Yaskawa cobot and a Rockwell Automation system. It has a high palletization capacity and can palletize on different pallet sizes (1000x1200mm/800x1200mm/40 in. by 48 in.), to handle cases up to 30 kgs. MG Tech also offers the possibility to add a lifting column in the cobot, enabling a higher palletizing height up to 2.5 meters. 

The control of open and closed case handling making this equipment suited for food industries. With a range of grippers, the palletizer provides a multiple gripping, juxtaposed or stacked depending on the type of case. The automation architecture adapts to industrial constraints and allows direct control of the palletizer robot from the HMI. 

MG Tech cobot palletizer can be equipped with a Rockwell, Schneider or Siemens automation system. With a performance of up to six cycles per minute, this machine is easy to install and maintain, according to the company. It also provides a reduced footprint, allowing a space saving up to 15% with the absence of carterization around the machine. 

Axena Design was called upon to design MG Tech's range. Axena Design is familiar with MG Tech, having redesigned all of the end-of-line equipment. It has an all-white electrical cabinet, anthracite gray frame/chassis underlined by an inclined human-machine interface (HMI) to facilitate operator use. LED systems allow the operator to be quickly informed of the production process. 

In addition, MG Tech has developed new palletizing software allowing to create palletization diagrams. This new intuitive software is compatible with all robotic and cobotic palletizers available on the market. It can be driven with a tablet or directly on the machine’s HMI.