Clark Logic received approval to move forward on a $1.9 million dollar investment for a rehabilitation project at 211 Kerth Street in St. Joseph, Mich. 

This redevelopment effort, facilitated by the support of Cornerstone Alliance, paves the way for the future occupancy of the revamped space by dry-food blending and contract packaging company Blendco, LLC. This rehabilitation project will create three to five new jobs at the location, which has previously been vacant since 2003.

Blendco has signed on to lease the building and will occupy the space upon its completion. Blendco is looking to expand due to its recent growth and the need for more storage and manufacturing space. The rehabilitation of the property is expected to start this year.

An Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption (IFTE) for a plant rehabilitation request recently gained at a St. Joseph City Commission meeting. This marks a milestone for Clark Logic, as it grants the company the necessary resources and financial support to transform the space into a modern, state-of-the-art commercial facility. 

“We’re happy to create a space that allows Blendco to continue their exceptional growth,” says Jamie Clark, president of Clark Logic. “Demanding and challenging projects taken on by Clark Logic lets us support local companies and improve the economy of the communities we serve.”

Cathy Tilley, director of business development at Cornerstone Alliance, was instrumental in securing IFTE approval, making this collaborative endeavor between Clark Logic and Blendco a reality.

“Clark Logic’s continued investment in our community has generated more jobs and growth,” states Tilley. “They took a building that has been vacant for decades and are in the process of renovating it into an operational facility that will immediately meet the expansion requirements of Blendco.”