TeaPot, the cannabis-infused iced tea brand from The Boston Beer Company, has launched its new flavor, Good Evening Iced Tea in Blueberry Chamomile. Blueberry Chamomile is now added to the company’s portfolio to be an evening drink.

According to the company, the new style widens its lineup following the launch of Mango Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea. The beverage is infused with Black Sugar Rose, an Indica-dominant strain grown by Entourage Health Corp. under their Color Cannabis brand. With no caffeine content, the tea’s designed to create a relaxing and calming sensation.

Like all TeaPot offerings, this Blueberry Chamomile is non-carbonated, crafted to reduce cannabis taste or aroma and contains 5 mg of THC per 355-mL can. Teapot’s Blueberry Chamomile will debut in Ontario and be available for purchase at select dispensaries and online.