Sunstone Estate has launched a cannabis beverage, the Sunstone Spritz. Sold direct-to-consumer, the sparkling beverage is made from natural juice flavors and single-origin, full-spectrum, sun-grown cannabis rosin from Santa Barbara County. The Sunstone Spritz has 5 mg of activated THC and is available in four flavors: Grapefruit Orange, Peach-Passion Fruit, Pineapple Coconut and Watermelon.

According to Sunstone President Teddy Cabugos, "We believe Santa Barbara County is the pinnacle agricultural region to produce world-class cannabis products, as it is for wines, and are committed to highlighting region-specific, agricultural quality in both markets."

The Sunstone cannabis rosin ingredient is hand-churned using ice, agitation and pressure over time. The Sunstone craft produces rosin that provides a balanced, whole-plant cannabis beverage effect. 

Sunstone is reportedly the oldest viticultural estate in Santa Barbara County to have farmed using organic and regenerative practices.

Additionally, Sunstone announces the launch of a related beverage additive product, the Sunstone Splash. This is a water-soluble rosin-based emulsion that can be added to beverages.

Via a technology partnership with SplashNano, the new Sunstone cannabis products employ a InfusedBySplash formula that reduces particle size to submicron rating, allowing for beverage infusion and fast-acting consumption effects.