Eagle Product Inspection announced the launch of MAXIMIZER RMI—A detection solution for the poultry processing industry. With hygienic construction, enhanced bone detection, and reduced labor related to product rejects, this solution maximizes product throughput and profitability while ensuring high safety standards are met.

The Eagle RMI 400 x-ray machine is integrated into the MAXIMIZER. The machine has Eagle’s image analysis software, SimulTask PRO and an enhanced dual energy detector, PXT. This combination reportedly provides unparalleled bone and metal detection, reducing false rejects and minimizing operational challenges related to manual labor. The combination reportedly streamlines production processes that increase overall efficiency.

The new X-ray detection equipment features dual lanes that run up to 120 pieces per lane per minute. This, along with the automated reject management system, provides a rapid and efficient inspection process significantly increasing the production rate, the company states. It’s built with purpose-built for easy assembly and disassembly for quick and easy sanitation, which is a benefit in poultry environments where constant harsh cleaning is required.

Eagle Product Inspection continues to push the boundaries of innovation in food inspection, with MAXIMIZERS representing the latest in a long line of pioneering solutions designed to enhance the food manufacturing industry’s capabilities. In September, live demonstrations of MAXIMIZER RMI will be held at Eagle’s booth (N-10813) at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.