Following NORD USA’s smooth surface IE5+ synchronous motors launch, NORD is releasing a new design and larger frame sizes to expand its high-efficiency electric motor portfolio. The company’s new IE5+ synchronous motor design and larger frame sizes offer functionality for various industries and applications. The new motors include a larger Size 90 TENV and a new TEFC ventilated design. The Size 90

TENV smooth surface IE5+ motors reportedly extend the power range of these hygienic motors up to 3hp. The company states that they are ideal for wash-down areas such as food and beverage applications, pharmaceuticals, and other applications with high corrosion resistance. The smooth, fan-less design increases productivity due to more efficient cleaning processes and saves cost by requiring fewer chemicals, less water and less energy. NORD’s TENV 5+ motors are available with the IP69K protection or can be treated with NORD’s nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System.

In addition to the smooth surface design, the company has developed a ventilated TEFC IE5+ motor for use in intralogistics, packaging, post/parcel and manufacturing. The ventilated design enables cool operation with a high overload capacity and constant torque over the full speed range of 0.5-5 hp. The motors come in two frame sizes, 71 and 90, and feature a motor-integrated encoder and an optional integrated mechanical brake.

Like the original Size 71 TENV design, the latest IE5+ motors are fully compatible with NORD’s modular system of gear units, IEC B5 flanges, IEC B14 flanges, and NEMA C-Face adapters. The compact footprint of both designs provides installation flexibility and the ability to adapt to these motors to a wide range of applications, especially those where space is limited. Small size combined with minimal noise emissions, high overload capacity and high energy efficiency make IE5+ motors an investment for reducing system variants and ultimately lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO), states NORD USA.